Thursday, 14 May 2015

7. "Godzilla" (Pacific Rim fanfiction)

Rain pelted the deck of the Saltchuck as seawater surged around its base.

“God, Captain Merrit!” cried McTighe, the first mate. “I haven’t seen a storm this bad since—”

“What,” shouted Merrit, as he wrestled the unruly wheel. “Since that film, The Perfect Storm?”

“What? No—”


“No sir, I—”

Frankenstein, then?”

McTighe made a face.


“A storm brought Frankenstein's monster to life, McTighe!”

The captain let loose a roar of laughter which was almost lost on the storm's terrible winds.

“You may have your youth, McTighe, but you’re ignorant! Ignorant of a lot of pop culture!”

McTighe’s eyes bulged like golf balls.

“Godzilla!” he shrieked, pointing frantically. “Captain! Sir!”

“Eh? There was no storm in Godzilla, boyo! But there was one in The Wizard of Oz! And a sexy, hot witch, at that!”

The captain turned back to the wheel to release another roar of laughter, but immediately stopped—an enourmous shape had emerged before them.

Merrit stared at the radar.

“Kaiju…” he whispered.

The creature parted its luminescent maw and reared up upon its hind legs, sending shock waves of water heaving about the Saltchuck

The crew inside heard an alien war song—a shriek of ancient terrors.

Merrit's mind flooded with scenes from all the movies he’d watched over the years—specifically from IMDB’s Top 100.

“Oh, Jesus!” he moaned. “I’ve wasted my life!”

At that moment, a second gargantuan appeared behind them, and the crew felt themselves lifted high into the air...

250 Words.


Gypsy Danger and the Saltchuck. Every scene from Pacific Rim deserves fanfiction. :)

As an aside, the alternate title to this entry is "Saltchuckles."  


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