Monday, 4 May 2015

4. "Demons" (Summoning Story)

“Ever read that book, Lord of the Flies?”

Cory pulled at the crimson sleeves of his cheap robes. “Uh, I think. Eleventh grade? Right about when we got kicked outta high school.”

“Yeah,” said Jeff. “Well, forget everything you learned in that book.”

Cory nodded. “Done.”

“The real Lord of the Flies is Beelzebub, Duke of the Hellish Realms. And we’re gonna summon him.”

“But we’re in your dad’s basement.”

“STEP-dad’s,” said Jeff. He pulled up his hood so it covered his acne-ridden brow and stepped into the center of the chalk pentagram. “Okay, man: start chanting.”

Cory glanced down at the Tome of Eternal Peril they’d bought online before opening it to the bookmarked page. 

Ad patres,” he read, “cineri gloria suh… sera est…” He looked up. “Jeez, Jeff, I don’t think I’m reading this right.”

But Jeff wasn’t listening. His eyes had become bulbous, and he seemed to be choking on his own saliva. A horrid voice boomed from Jeff’s throat.

“Foooools! You dare summon Beelzebub? Now begins an age of blood and darkness!”

“Oh, wow!” screamed Cory, backing up against a wall. Jeff laughed with such force that the walls shook, dislodging one of his stepfather’s bowling trophies from the wall. It fell on Jeff’s head, knocking him over.

Immediately, the rumbling stopped and the room brightened.

“Unh…” Jeff moaned. Cory crouched by his side.

“Hey man, we tried. Let’s just stick to selling pot to the junior high kids, okay?”


247 Words.

On a side note, the alternate title for this story is, "Okay, Man: Start Chanting."

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