Thursday, 30 April 2015

1. "Architeuthis" (Sea Monster Story)

The creature peeled back its lips, revealing two rows of jagged, spine-like teeth. Each lock of its tentacle hair lashed at the darkened lab's sterilized air, ceaselessly, like fire-- a window to the insanity running the creature's primitive, violent mind.

The sea monster kept its body still, but coiled-- waiting to lunge.

Professor Blackwell cocked an eyebrow at Clarence, the young lab tech.

“Impressive, eh?” said the professor. Clarence nodded, not taking his eyes off the sea creature. He rose its petri dish to eye-level. The creature snapped its tiny jaws and lunged at the dish’s side, bouncing backward from the glass. Clarence looked at the doctor. 

“Wow. Imagine if it was, like, really huge, huh professor?”

“Well. It’s already huge by the standards of glyceridae.”

“Yeah. Or bowmaniella portoricensis.”

Blackwell frowned. “Don’t show off, Clarence.”

“Sorry, sir.”

The professor nodded and glanced at his watch. “Well, flush ‘im down the drain and give everything a good rince for tomorrow. We’re bringing in a real monster—a member of the cirratulidae. Those babies measures a whole centimeter.”

Clarence let out a long, low whistle. “That’d look like Godzilla next to this guy, eh doc?”

“When spoken to, Clarence.”

“Sorry, sir.”

200 Words. 

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